It’s been a busy year since Big Red was launched and joined the list of books on Amazon. Here is a look back at the results of Red’s book marketing campaign.

Multiple Author Events in Western Ma., Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine. 

The Venues:  Libraries, bookstores, book clubs, senior centers, and a local sixth-grade class with an impressive knowledge in the elementary rules of writing. 

Whether five people attended or thirty, each presentation was interactive with readings, video clips, and photographs. Additional information and fun-filled facts held the interest for anyone who already read the book.

I have learned something important since Big Red was launched. The success of a book based isn’t determined by the numbers sold or the number of reviews.  Its success can be justified by everything in between. The unexpected requests for interviews by journalists, articles written in local and mainstream newspapers, quality five star Amazon reviews, accolades posted on social media, emails, blogs, and discovering your readership has a broader range than expected. Teens, elders, and males.

The absolute best was joy in presenting to audiences who smiled, laughed and were inspired to ask thoughtful questions,  

The opportunity to share my journey continues. Two scheduled events in May. Following a summer respite, Big Red and I are on the road again this fall.


A shout out to all who have made us a success: Thank you, thank you, thank you!