I will be at Springfield Technical Community College’s Biology Book Club presenting  an interactive talk with photographs and video clips about my debut novel inspired by a solo journey to Himalayan villages, farms and jungles of Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet. My story combines personal lessons, adventure, travel, growth, and humor. Seeking to experience simplicity and contentment in the “Happiest Place on Earth”, I struggled to jettison my Western ways while lugging a 95-pound suitcase of bare necessities. Everything that could go wrong on my spiritual journey did. It was a fiasco that left me wondering whether the Universe – via my Big Red suitcase – was trying to teach me something, and was I ready to learn…

Thursday, May 3rd

1:30 pm

Conference Room 211

STCC |1 Armory Street,  Springfield, Ma 01105

Please contact ellie.dias@yahoo.com if anyone is interested outside the Biology Department.