Join Ellie Dias for an interactive talk with photographs and video clips about her debut novel inspired by a solo journey to Himalayan villages, farms and jungles of Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet. Her story combines personal lessons, adventure, travel, growth, and humor. Seeking to experience simplicity and contentment in the “Happiest Place on Earth”, Dias struggles to jettison her Western ways while lugging a 95-pound suitcase of bare necessities. Everything that could go wrong on her spiritual journey did. It was a fiasco that left her wondering whether the Universe – via her Big Red suitcase – was trying to teach her something, and was she ready to learn…


PALMER PUBLIC LIBRARY |1455 North Maine Street, Palmer, Ma 

For reservations and information contact Joanne Szelag at  413-283-3330


 “Are you interested in a fascinating read? Big Red hits all the criteria of a must read. Travel with Ellie as she navigates her own path to enlightenment thru one mishap after another. Determined to reach inner peace, this hopeful traveler takes us all on an adventure of a life time.” Michael

 “A wonderfully insightful and inspirational book about a woman’s lone trip of a lifetime to fulfill her dream of enlightenment. Ellie is a great story teller using humor and humility to tell the story of her epic adventure. A real page turner!” Lisa

 Dias shares her journey of personal discovery. Big Red is an honest, funny, thoughtful, and thought-provoking look at the way we think, grow, learn, and embrace life. A fascinating exploration of a part of the world many of us have only imagined.”Margot Kinberg, author