What is it about our pets that makes us love them so fiercely? 

Perhaps it’s because we are their mothers and fathers and love them like our children. Perhaps it’s because the relationship between man and dog, cat or bird is unique. Their wants never change and are easy to fulfill. They depend on us to love, feed, care for, and protect them. 

There is an intimacy we share with our pets. They have the uncanny ability to sense our essence. They love of us without constraint. No matter what is happening to us or what we do, their presence encourages us to do better, feel better, be better —they’re just happy we are here.

Pets are placed on this earth to show us joy, loyalty, how to love unconditionally, without judgement or criticism. They never disappoint or tire of us, and teach us to appreciate the simple things in life. These noble, compassionate creatures are put on this earth because we need them like the air we breathe. They are one of the most precious gifts bestowed on us. To anyone who has lost a pet, bless you for your tender loving care.  Bless them for making your life whole.

“Pets are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.