The photo is a picture of me on my way up to Tiger’s Nest Monastery 10,000 feet above sea level.

“At the start of the first trail, you have the option of going all the way up by foot, which can take several hours depending on your fitness, or you can travel part way by mule. A risk taker, I decide to ride a mule despite my disastrous experiences at riding horses.
   A young boy brings over a mule named Mindu. She looks old and harmless, but one never knows. I take in a deep breath, put my foot in the stirrup, and swing my leg over. I pat her side and say a silent prayer. May I be safe. Because donkeys kick when they get scared I add, May you not be afraid.”

Five star reviews are slowly trickling in for Big Red: How I Learned Simplicity from a Suitcase.

“A wonderfully insightful and inspirational book about a woman’s lone trip of a lifetime to fulfill her dream of enlightenment. Ellie is a great story teller using humor and humility to tell the story of her epic adventure. A real page turner!!”

“Well-written and thought-provoking, highly entertaining, and highly recommended!!!”

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