A review:

Big Red by Ellie Dias is a book about the author’s search for her spiritual self in a brave journey that takes her to remote parts of the world in Nepal, Nepali jungle, Bhutan, and Tibet. She beautifully and vividly describes these far away places and makes us feel as if we are there with her, experiencing the people, primitive ways and cultures, and ancient beauty of these areas. Her writing is sprinkled with humor, especially when she describes the struggles and mishaps she encountered along the way. At times I found myself laughing out loud! Big Red, her suitcase, is a main character in the story of her journey and she uses it as a life lesson: that the simple things in life are what matter, not the “stuff” with which we burden ourselves! I thoroughly enjoyed this well written, insightful, funny book, and am recommending it to my friends as a must read. 

Soft cover book with photograps

Kindle with color photographs and video clips.