In the midst of a world that seems to be falling apart, I’ve asked myself  what is one thing  I can put into action besides daily prayers for relief from pain, sadness, loss, and  hopelessness for all sentient beings. Two months ago, I purchased 60 random  Acts of Kindness cards. I’ve passed them on to grocery store workers, mailmen, gas station attendants, my neibors, and countless others. The responses have been heartfelt and touching. “Thankyou. You  made my day. Bless you.”

Random acts of kindness, in any form,  can  lift a person’s spirit and  might even change someone’s whole way  of thinking. You never know the path another is on, and your actions  have the potential to alter that path for the better.

Kindness is a cycle. If someone around us is generous or kind, it spurs us to behave in the same manner. It’s contagious!  “A seemingly innocuous act starts a cycle of kindness, which will hopefully continue rolling ad finium.”  Whether or not you believe in karma, there’s evidence all around us that putting kindness out into the world yields kindness. 

Knowing that you’ve made someone’s day better through a kind and unexpected gesture will improve your mood, mitgate your stress, and make you feel good about yourself.  As for the individual who is fortunate enough to experience your generous act, it can turn a bad day into a pleasant one.

There are endless ways to perform  random acts of kindness, but it’s not how big or small the effort is. It’s the thought behind it that’s worth more. A kind act binds you and another person together, however briefly, and helps highlight how we are all more alike than we are different. 

 $8 plus shipping you’ll receive 30 cards.

Kindness is helping the world one person at a time.