After teaching Anatomy and Physiology for thirteen years, it was enlightening to discover that the different parts of the brain are why men act and think differently than women. It gave me hope for a better understanding of why my husband and I, in certain situations, operate the way we do.

  • Women are capable of managing multiple tasks. Men are not. In most instances they focus on one project at a time.  After 46 years of marriage, I finally understand why my husband isn’t able to respond to any question I might.
    • Women, however, are queens of multitasking. Their brain track connecting the right and left hemispheres is 25% larger. It means women are capable of bouncing back and forth very quickly allowing them to execute more than one task simultaneously. When it comes to multitasking, I use to consider myself an expert. Take the time I was cleaning the house and preparing a roast for dinner. Two yellow cans were on the counter. The roast glistened after it was sprayed with lemon pledge. When I reached for the Pam, the woodwork ended up greasy to the touch. Disaster struck again when I was cleaning the bathroom while styling my hair. On the bathroom counter was a spray bottle of Windex and Tylex. My hair received a round of Tylex. I have decided it’s safer to take a cue from my husband— one thing at a time.
  • Women’s memories far surpass men’s. By and large, we remember everything. It works to our advantage, especially during an argument. We can dredge up every negative thing they ever said and did.
  • Women tend to be more talkative. We use nearly three times as many words a day as men. It’s why men keep to the main point while women create a novel out of any situation.
  • The male ear is weaker than the female. Men could use this as a reason for not listening.  Maybe we should cut them some slack for ignoring us. NOT!
  • More about the Ear. During male fetal development, testosterone impacts the formation of the auditory system and causes the brain to block out unwanted noise and repeated sounds. When a person repeats themselves several times, the male brain registers it as an “unwanted repetitious acoustic stimuli,” and they genuinely don’t hear it. Women don’t have that skill. The lesson for women? Don’t waste your breath; say it once.
  • Men can remember directions. Whoever decided this hasn’t been a passenger with a man who is lost.
  • It may come as a surprise, but in the first six weeks of life, we are all female.
  • Everyone waits for this topic. Look at the images of the brain — chocolate versus sex. 

Have a laugh out loud moment. Take a few minutes and listen to this video.