“You loved me without words

You hugged me without arms

You were there without it having to be earned

As long as by the end of the day I returned

We had such a strong connection

In you, I could always confide

We didn’t speak the same language

Ears up, tail wagging, or lying next to me, is how you replied

I will never forget how you comforted me with your presence 

And whatever sadness I had was lessened ”

My sweet Roxie, you reached your time of eternal rest. I was blessed to have you curled up to me, on

your favorite blanket, as I watched you go peacefully. This last year has been fraught with so many

weeks of uncertainty. I asked God for only one thing: to let me know when would be the right time to let

go of our physical connection. And I did. It will be difficult to see all the empty spaces you filled, and to

have you follow me around. Dispite the grief and loss, I had 15 plus years of endless moments of pure

joy and love. You were my best friend — my soulmate. You were with me when you were small, and I

watched with joy as you grew. I loved you through it all. And love you, I always will.